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Welcome to the AV-MAVT Helpdesk!

This is the place to come with all your questions about doing your PhD at MAVT. If you need advice about a situation in your group, or if you have questions about administrative matters (e.g. your Forschungsplan), we are here to help!
Please feel free to contact us with your questions. This service is strictly confidential, and no other advice from outside will be sought without your consent!
Giovanni Bovone and Kerrin Weiss are the official AV-MAVT Helpdesk contacts. They will treat your questions confidentially and will help you in finding the optimal solution.

Kerrin Weiss

Giovanni Bovone


External links

The following links will take you to useful websites that may answer questions you do not feel belong at the AV-MAVT Helpdesk.

AVETH Helpdesk and counseling: here
Rectorate: useful info about administrative matters such a PhD research plan and regulations: here
Ombudsperson: help and mediation provided by someone with experience in scientific life: here
Psychological counseling at ETH: here
Issues regarding good scientific practice: here

One Response to AV-MAVT Helpdesk

  1. Florentine Veenstra says:

    Dear Helpdesk,
    your link to AVETH counselling and ombudsperson is not working. Could you repair those please? Keep up the good work!
    Kind regards,
    Florentine (AVETH counsellor)

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